ARC Solutions

Website for a Swiss property management company

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ARC Solutions

The background

The new website for ARC Solutions, a new property management company, was supposed to meet the following criteria:

  • serve as a business card of the company - no online contact, no collecting leads

  • should be discrete, modern and luxurious

  • be fully responsive

  • has an animation that will follow the company logo

The delivery team was small, with four specialists in total.

My role was UX design and project management.

ARC Solutions

First concept of the website. Wireframe created in Axure.


Keeping in mind the criteria mentioned above, I proposed a one-page static website.

In order to deliver the animation requirement according to the Customer suggestions an animated arc was created with links to the different sections. In order to improve the user flow, on scrolling down, a navigation bar was fixed to the top, allowing users to jump to any section at any time.

We decided to use lots of images with parallax effects as a decorative element of the website.

To facilitate contact with the company, the click-to-actions were added: "call to" and "mail to".

Obviously, the website was designed for mobile, tablet and desktop to fulfil the responsiveness requirement.

The content and logo were provided by the Customer.

The mid-fidelity prototypes were created in Axure RP Pro.

ARC Solutions

Visual Design

The Visual Design was created by Rachael Camp. The monochromatic and dark visual style was chosen altogether by the Customer, as they wanted the website to be discrete and luxurious.

The graphics were designed in Adobe XD whereas the animation in the first section was with Adobe After Effects.